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The steak was awesome! I couldn't wait and fired the grill up Tuesday night

S.N., Quepos

Some sad news. We are down to our last ribeye, which we are going to cook today.

G.B., San Jose

(My girlfriend) and I are convinced, the tenderloin is wonderful.

G.B., San Jose

The burgers were great! Very tasty, very good texture. (My wife) thought that it might be another animal altogether, so different is the taste. I attach some pics.

B.G., Escazu

(My son) says from now on we only eat (Hacienda Sur's) meat.

M.G., Guachepelin

Holy moly, my mouth is watering all over my keyboard!

D.S., visiting Costa Rica

The meat was absolutely delicious...and I have told my friends so hopefully more sales.

A.H., San Rafael de Escazu

Hi! It was great! Very tender... My husband really enjoyed ... Thanks!!

T.F. Santa Ana

I just tasted the Skirt Steak. And I think I was cleanest best meat I've ever had. I am happy to have met you. I'm so exited to try aged meat tomorrow.

H.K, Santa Teresa

Good morning, just wanted to tell you that I fixed the tomahawk steak Fri. eve. It was too big to fit in my iron skillet so I had to grill it and I was very careful not to get it too charred. I cooked it to med. rare and let it rest and WOW what a treat!!!! I shared it with (my friend) and needless to say he had never tasted anything like it in his life. I made hamburgers for some of my friends yesterday and they were wonderful as well. It is so good to know there is quality meat out there. It was very nice to meet you. Thanks for everything, and you and your crew keep up the wonderful tasty work.

G.T., Puriscal

There's cooking brilliance and then there is cooking genius. I think you can guess which category this one fits into. (See attached picture of Cowboy Steak). Awesome piece of meat. Now I know why the ladies like cowboys.

C.M., Santa Ana