Tomahawk Steak (Sold Out)


        The Tomahawk is a massive steak.  Technically speaking, it is an extremely thick Ribeye steak with the Ribeye Cap and a long Rib bone attached.  One Tomahawk can easily feed a family of four.  This is a steak that makes lasting and memorable impression.

        We are very pleased with the amount of marbling that we achieved with these Tomahawk steaks.  Marbling is the determining factor for tenderness, juiciness, and flavor of beef.  Typically, you only encounter this kind of marbling on cattle that are fed dried grains in confined feedlots.  But we are able to produce this marbling with a pasture diet because our animals are Japanese Wagyu hybrids.

        Wagyu cattle — which is the breed best known for “Kobe beef” — have the highest genetic propensity to produce marbling than any other breed of cattle.  And then we enhance the tenderness and flavor even more by dry aging for 45 days.  25,000/kg

(Last photo in gallery courtesy of Z Gastro Bar in Marina Pez Vela, Quepos)

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