Roast Beef


Roast Beef (Mano de Piedra) is a popular cut of beef in Costa Rica, but is typically cooked or stewed until it falls to pieces (think Carne en Salsa). That’s a shame because this is an extremely flavorful and easy-to-cook roast that makes a delicious dinner, with an added bonus of Roast Beef Sandwiches the following day(s).

Roast Beef is also an extremely lean and healthy cut of beef.  And beef from the breed of cattle that we use (Japanese Wagyu) has the highest ratio of good fat to bad fat, and a ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 essential fatty acids that is nearly 3 times healthier than other cattle breeds.

Finally, our cattle are born and raised in the pasture where they eat grass and green forages instead of dried grains and other unnatural diets.  No hormones … No antibiotics … No herbicides … No inorganic fertilizers.  Our beef is as healthy and natural as possible.  See the “Reviews” below for our ranch recipe.   10,000 / kg 

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