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Brisket has a very long history in North America, dating back to the indians of southern Texas, who were the pioneers of smoked barbecue.  Brisket has remained an icon of Texas ever since, and is ingrained in Texan culture.

While smoking is the most popular way to prepare brisket, it can also be braised in an oven or slow cooker.  The key is to cook it at a low heat for a long time.  Also, in response to many customer requests, we cut this batch of briskets into smaller pieces, so they can be more easily braised in the oven.

Our Briskets have been aged to enhance flavor and to benefit from the natural enzymatic tenderization process.

PLEASE NOTE:  Briskets weighing less than 3 kg are trimmed and are intended to be braised instead of smoked.  Briskets over 4 kg are whole, untrimmed “Packer’s Cut” Briskets that are meant for smoking.  8,000 / kg

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