Cesina is probably the best-kept secret in the beef business.  This cut of beef is practically unknown in North America, where it is unceremoniously called “Flap meat” by the USDA.  But if you’ve ever eaten in an authentic Brazilian restaurant, and saw waiters carving beef from large skewers at the table, this was most likely Cesina (or “Fraldinha” in Portuguese).

Cesina is very similar to Skirt steak and Flank steak.  They are all thin cuts of beef located on the inside of the carcass.  But Cesina is much larger and thicker than the others.  It marinades easily, and is also easy to grill with a nice char on the outside with pink meat on the inside.  Serve with an Argentinean Chimichurri sauce for an exceptional and outstanding meal.

We age our Cesina for at least 3 weeks, for optimal tenderness.  There are only 2 per animal, so we have limited supply.   13,000 / kg

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