Beef Chorizo made with Caribbean Spices


Our Chorizo Sausage made with our Hacienda Sur beef, and flavored with Caribbean spices and a hint of Panamanian chili.  Our friend “CS” — who is the brewmaster of Costa Rica’s largest craft brewery — makes these sausages for us.  There are 4 sausages in each pack, and one pack weighs at least 750 grams.  12,000 / pack

PLEASE  NOTE:  These sausages are stuffed in pork casings.


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South African Biltong 200 grams, Beef Chorizo 600 grams, Beef Pancetta 50 grams, Pork Chipotle Salami 250 grams, Cured Lamb 50 grams, Italian Bresaola 500 grams, Italian Bresaola 800 grams