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Butcher Shop

Coming Soon

     We are still building our online Butcher Shop, where you will be able to shop and buy dry-aged beef for home delivery.  We will have finished and operational before we cut our next steaks on December 5th.

     Meanwhile, we do have 45-day dry-aged ground beef available in inventory, and you can order by contacting us at

     We are still trying to confirm, but we appear to be the world’s only producer of 45-day dry-aged ground beef made from pasture-raised Japanese Wagyu hybrid cattle.

     Dry-aged ground beef of any kind is extremely difficult to find because of the costs involved in making it, and the opportunity cost of using steaks and roasts that could otherwise be sold as dry-aged meat at considerably higher prices.

     But our goal is to make the best burger possible.  And the result is something truly unique.

      Indeed, many customers have asked us “why does your ground beef turn red when I open the package, and why do the burgers remain red in the middle even when cooked to medium?”

     Our ground beef looks and reacts differently than store-bought ground beef because of a few important differences in the way we make it.

     Most ground beef you find in the grocery store is made after the butchers process all the carcasses they’re going to cut that day.  As they cut steaks, they toss the small scraps and trimmings into a large container, where they sit exposed to the air until all the steaks are cut, and its finally time to make the ground beef.

     During this time, the oxygen in the air reacts with the blood, and the meat turns bright red.  But this reaction fades with time, and the ground beef gradually takes on a greyish-brown color.

     By contrast, we don’t use scraps and trimmings to make our ground beef.  Instead, we use large pieces of meat from the Round and Chuck — pieces that other butchers would use to make steaks and roasts.  And as soon as we cut this meat, we grind it and vacuum seal it immediately.  As a result, there is very little exposure to air.

     So when you open a package of our ground beef, the hemoglobin in the meat is still fresh and will turn red when it makes contact with oxygen.  It will retain much of this red color even after cooking it.

     Another point worth mentioning is that the ground beef you find in grocery stores is typically made with meat from many different animals.

     By contrast, we process one animal at a time.  So we can tell you exactly which animal your ground beef was made from, and everything about it … when it was born, its parents and grandparents, which pasture it was in on a particular date, its weight and growth history, every detail of its entire life.

     We sell our ground beef in either 1 kg or 0.5 kg packages.  Price is 8,000 colones / kg.  But to introduce such a unique product into the market, we are currently offering volume discounts:

Ground Beef

WeightPrice Per kg
0.5 to 9.5 kg: 8,000 / kg
10 kg to 24.5 kg:7,500 / kg
25 kg to 49.5 kg7,000 / kg
50 kg or more:6,500 / kg