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Artisan Beef of Costa Rica

45-day Dry-Aged Steaks and Burgers to Cook at Home.


We guarantee ...

No Antibiotics! No Hormones!


All of our cattle are ...

Born and raised in pristine pastures, free of herbicides and pesticides.


Hand-crafted steaks

Dry-Aged for 45 days for optimal flavor and tenderness


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Our goal is to do with beef what Chateau Petrus does with wine, or Dom Perignon with champagne.

        At Hacienda Sur, we are hand-crafting beef with a level of care and attention that is completely different from the beef industry’s mass production of meat.

        We start with careful breeding, using only the best genetics from around the world, including Japanese Wagyu (the breed known for Kobe beef).  We then raise our animals in a pristine, natural environment — without hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, or inorganic fertilizers.

        And finally, we age the meat according to almost-forgotten traditional methods in our custom-built dry-aging facility for 45 days.  Dry aging not only tenderizes the meat, but also concentrates the beef flavors for an exceptional taste.

        It requires almost 4 years of careful planning and hard work to craft one of our steaks — from breeding selection all the way to completion of the dry-aging process.  The result is an exquisitely-flavorful and succulent piece of natural beef that is different from everything else in Costa Rica.


7 Tips to Cook Dry-aged Steaks Perfectly

Whole-shank Osso Bucco

Argentinean Chimichurri Sauce for Skirt Steak, Cesina, and other cuts

Roasted Mano de Piedra

Korean-style “Tanabe” Short Ribs

Steak Marinade

Beef Bone Broth

Roasted Bone Marrow

Shredded Beef Sandwich, from Leftovers